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PAX BRITANNICA : A Hellish Peace

A Hellish Peace
16th March - 17th April

A historic exhibition is opening at The Aquarium Gallery on the 16th March 2004. This event will bring together the voices of distinguished artists who do not believe in war as a means towards peace, who deplore organised aggression and the killing of innocent civilians and soldiers.


Artists include:
Banksy, Steve Bell, James Boswell, Alexander de Cadenet, Sir Anthony Caro, James Cauty, Billy Childish, Ken Currie, Clifford Harper, Richard Hamilton, Clifford Harper, Peter Howson, Brian Jones, John Keane, Peter Kennard, Alan Kitching, Jenny Matthews, Paul Mattsson, Antonio Pacitti, Jamie Reid, Martin Rowson, Ralph Steadman, Gerald Scarfe, Gee Vaucher

The exhibition will feature sculpture, drawings, paintings, photographs and some of the spontaneous art that was so vivid a feature of the street demonstrations in February 2003.

The Aquarium Gallery
10 Woburn Walk,
London WC1H 0JL

Tel: 020 7387 8417

There will be selected memorabilia on sale, a limited edition box set of signed prints, and a DVD of the artists talking about their work. A proportion of all sales will go to Stop The War Coalition.

Ralph Steadman has designed the poster for the exhibition.


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