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The Brazilian Embassy

The Brazilian Embassy presents

13 May – 4 June 2005
Opening 12 May 2005, 6 - 8 pm
The Things We Do For Love, 2005
Acrylic and oil on canvas, 120 x 140 cm
‘I want to make work that has the intensity of our rousing technology. I want to create work that is as
arrogant as the moment we are living in, but that has the humble docility of eternity. I want to grab and
squeeze my thoughts, suspend empathy and become a detached observer of this amazing spectacle that is
our time’
Twenty years after arriving in England, from Brazil, is a timely moment for an exhibition to survey the work
of Glauce Cerveira. This exhibition spans ten years, from recent paintings that delve into the world of
fashion to early work that engaged with tools and objects of general use. Across the spectrum of these
works there is a certainty about bringing the subject directly into the viewer’s space. We have to take part;
we are not allowed to keep our distance. How this is achieved involves both the language and the
mysteries of how paintings work.
Cerveira delights in playing with this language, whether it is her invasion of all areas of the colour spectrum
or her masterful use of glass balls. This work is full of questions and therefore it is no surprise that an
exploration of digital imagery joins her production in a seamless fashion. This creates a fascinating dialogue
between the one-off, hand-made and the machine multiple, where she dares one to surpass the other.
Cerveira is interested in what lengths we go to in order to feel wanted, special or to be accepted. The
paintings ponder the battle between the persona and the self. In the painting that lends its title to the
exhibition, ‘The Things We Do For Love’, a small part of the person is revealed while the focus is kept on
what she is wearing. The persona has become more prominent than the self. She turns fashion into subject
matter and then uses it as a springboard for questioning contemporary behaviour. ‘I want to depict the role
of the persona in front of the self and how much of it (the self) survives the compromises we make’.
A striving for quality wins out and the Brazilian Embassy is more than pleased to celebrate the work of a
home-grown talent.
For further information and images please contact Poppy Sebire on 07815830155 or email
Gallery 32
32 Green Street London W1K 7AT. Marble Arch tube station 020 7399 9282
Monday - Friday 12am-6pm Saturday 11am-4pm



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