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electronic sketchbook two


We would like to extend you a welcome invitation to the opening night of
electronic sketchbook two
On Thursday May 5th 2005 from 7.00pm > 9.00pm.

@ the nextstep gallery, inside the Dolphin Hotel, 34 High street Southampton, SO14 2HN
exhibition continues until July 22nd

The sketchbook is a window into the artists mind, a place of record, where ideas can reside, gestate and form fully in the conscious. There was a time when the sketch book would be accompanied by graphite, sharpening tools and no doubt a putty rubber. Nowadays a USB lead, font discs and maybe a memory stick have become the accompaniments to the new sketchbook.

The second coming of electronic sketchbook features more artists, more work and further insight into the still relatively un-chartered waters of the pantone defined electronic mark. A world of speed and attention to detail, which when broken down does not split into particles of colour but single pixels.

This exhibition brings together the work of eight artists whom all produce works using the same platform, electronic sketchbooks, yet collectively they effectively show the diversity of product available through this media. With subject matter ranging from popular culture through to romanticised personal works, this show provides something for all, bringing what is often considered to be cold, concise and certainly manmade into an all together warmer space.

This exhibition includes works by Julian Walton, James Cooper, Mike Norris, Daniel Crow, Chris Walker, Guy Stauber and Neil Homer

For more information please contact a space on 02380 338 778 or email



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