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Predrag Pajdic & Rachel Wilberforce

10/08/04 – 10/11/04

Quilter’s Vault, Southampton

The multimedia exhibition Garden will explore how contemporary installation art addresses the interplay between external reality and internal states of mind. Using video, sound, photography and real plants, artists Predrag Pajdic & Rachel Wilberforce will produce a site-specific installation in the 13 th Century Quilter’s Vault in Southampton for 3 months from 10 th August to 10 th of November 2004.

The Garden installation will consist of multiple simultaneous large-scale videos and slide projections onto the ceiling and wall space of the vault. The images of natural elements like sky, forest, water, desert, day and night will take the viewer on a journey of moving light and sound and create a ‘virtual reality space’, an environment where walls will not disrupt the view. The sounds of wild animals, thunder and rain will echo throughout the vault. The entire floor space will be covered with grass, plants and trees usually found in the outside environment. The public will be invited during the period of three months to interact and add more natural objects (for example; stones or shrubs) to the installation, so that the imaginary landscape will constantly evolve and adjust, like ever- changing nature itself.

The looped video projection ‘Garden’ by Predrag Pajdic presents the artist’s Eden, the inner sanctum of Pajdic's new home in the UK. The work, shot over a period of 12 months from the exact same spot in his London home, represents the gradual changing of the seasons. This work can be seen symbolically as though the artist is turning his back on the past, constantly awaiting the tide of change in his tranquil garden.

In ‘Two Lies’ by Rachel Wilberforce we see two half naked figures lying silent on the grass in a haunted-seeming landscape. Somewhat disturbing and yet beautiful, a peculiar sensation of intimacy throws up questions about the desire for relationship, about troubled identity, morality and the longing for perfection. For a moment we are thrown into limbo, the timeless zone that is imposed upon the viewer by Wilberforce.

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