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The Good, The Bad, and The ...

For this first show, 'The Good, The Bad, and The ...' at Campbell Works,
a space set up to explore, challenge and encourage current artistic practice in all media and art forms,
8 Artists attempt to answer the fundamental question "What makes an Artwork Good or Bad?"

Each of the participants:
Neil Taylor, Harriet Murray, Daniel Lehan, John Hayward, Daedalus, Lucia Cipriano, Ruth Catlow, Shane Bradford,
has been asked to supply 2 artworks, one which they consider Good and one which they consider Bad.
But just as with the buried gold in Sergio Leone’s famous Spaghetti Western the location/identity of each and the reasons why will only be revealed at the end of the show, at a Discussion on 10th July.

For more information please contact:T: +44 (0)20 8806 0817 e: info@campbellworks.orgW: CAMPBELLWORKS.ORG Dates - 
Opening Thurs June 24th 7pm onwards

Show open Fridays by Appointment, Sat/Sun 12-6pm till 11th of July
Discussion Sat 10th July 2pm 
Campbell works aims to provide a streamlined resource for the development and presentation of contemporary art,
by initiating dialogues between artists and their audience


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