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New Inn Gallery - Rude

5-29 June 2003, Weds-Sun 12-6pm
New Inn Gallery
13 New Inn Yard, EC1

Press View – Monday 2nd June, 12-6pm
Private View – Wednesday 4th June, 6.30-9pm

Evocative of grandma’s scolding, of ‘dirty’ seaside postcards and playground jokes, ‘rude’ pushes childish buttons and shares with us a healthy smirk at the grown-up notions of proper behaviour. Less comfortable is the ‘rude’ of ‘more than you needed to know’ sexual story or the pimple-faced moony with trousers down well below skinny white bum. This ‘rude’ is harder, attention-seeking and makes us feel awkward. Another ‘rude’ treads a path between these two, seeming to operate within the pale of a shared cultural language that whispers seductively close to the ear. You can’t quite hear what’s being said but the warmth on your lobes is inviting. Drawn in with the promise of being pleasured, this ‘rude’ teases but doesn’t lead to comfort.

Brian Dawn Chalkley
Chalkley’s video pieces are based around his experience as a cross-dresser named Dawn. Her conversations with people in transvestite clubs and bars are not written down but spoken from memory. Communicated on relaxed and intimate terms, the spectator is personally engaged in the dialogue in an intrinsic manner.

JA Nicholls
With titles like ‘want it all’ and ‘in your eyes’, these large scale paintings hold one cack hand out to the viewer. The other is clenched in a montage aesthetic, middle finger poised with a gestural expletive. Demanding an effort of attention that sees beyond ‘push me/pull me’ dualisms, these heterogeneously composed scenes of human solitude and social interaction take destabilised subjectivity as given.

Hee Jin Kang
Seemingly sensual and seductive, Kang’s photographs offer an unnatural proximity to the human face, penetrating its physicality with a probing unnatural eye. Aesthetically inviting, these close-ups compel the viewer to feel simultaneously seduced and repulsed. Like the friend with a bad sense of distance, these subjects are uncomfortably close.

Divyesh Bhanderi
Suggestively coloured paint masses are left to slide slowly over their rectangular frames giving lie to familiar expectations of the medium and to the angular hardness of its support. Bhanderi’s paint does not look like paint and does not do what paint usually does. These seemingly animate three dimensional forms look like good girls sexy knickers, soft, very touchable and somehow reassuring.

Annie Attridge
Using DIY materials, Attridge turns charcoal drawings into unwieldy sculptures on the make. Unashamedly half plant-half penis and rendered in undisguised silicon and fibreglass, these vulgar forms declare their impolite passions.

Simon Keenleyside
Executed with brightly coloured, messy paint, Keenleyside’s gardens and flowers are rescued from the comfortable associations of an idyllic summer Sunday afternoon in the back garden. This take on nature reveals a rural environment with a determination and force beyond human control, wanton and lewd.

Rob Grose
Enjoying the colours and suggestive potential of electrical tape, Grose creates crudely made reproductions of consumer desirables. These objects are easy and tough at the same time, pleasurably familiar but edgy with the commentary they provide on an exhausted commodification.

Sam Dargan
Dargan’s small-scale narrative paintings tell painfully funny stories. Like the near-miss humour of The Office or a joke cut too close to the bone, these tales of laddish pranks and thwarted ambition are obsessive testaments to the complexity of human desire.

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