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Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum

South Kensington
Telephone: 020 7942 2000, 0870 442 0808, 0870 442 0809
Fax: 020 7942 2266
Opening Hours
Daily 1000-1745
Wed and last Fri of month 1000-2200


Talking Design: Designed by Women 02/04/2003 - 07/05/2003 18:30 - 20:00
Five Wednesday evenings 2, 9, 16, 30 April & 7 May, 18.30-20.00 A fascinating series for all students of design, design history and gender studies. Prominent speakers investigate the impact made by key women designers on 20th century architecture, interiors, furniture and industrial products. Including a discussion of the work of Elizabeth Denby who in the 1930s co-designed the Kensal House estate, a major breakthrough for modernist Britain, Gaby Schreiber, an industrial design consultant whose professional work from the 1940s to the 1970s ranged from plastics to plane interiors, US interior decorator Elsie de Wolfe, who arguably invented interior decoration as we know it and Ireland's greatest modernist Eileen Gray, an innovator in lacquer work and chrome furniture as well as being a self taught architect. Lucienne Day, who pioneered the introduction of modern abstract pattern design in the textile industry, makes a very special personal appearance. 2 April: Elsie de Wolfe, interior decorator Speaker : Professor Penny Sparke, Dean of Art, Design and Music, Kingston University 9 April: Eileen Gray, architect / designer Speaker: Jennifer Goff, Curator of the Eileen Gray exhibition, National Museum of Ireland 16 April: Gaby Schreiber, industrial designer Speaker: Jane Pavitt, Research Fellow V&A / University of Brighton 30 April: Lucienne Day, textile designer Speaking in person 7 May: Elizabeth Denby, designer and social reformer Speaker: Elizabeth Darling, Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton

Talking Art Deco style photography, Masterclasses for Young People 28/06/2003 - 05/07/2003 10:30 - 16:30
Saturday 28 June (for 18 - 24 year olds) Saturday 5 July (for 16 - 18 year olds) Examining different Art Deco styles of photography, tutor Chimo Otsuka will explore the essence of photography from the 1920s to the 40s. These workshops will look at composition and mood. Using digital cameras, participants will create photographs evocative of the Deco period.

Creating Art Deco hats, Masterclasses for Young People 07/06/2003 - 21/06/2003 10:30 - 16:30

Saturday 7 and Saturday 14 June (for 18 - 24 year olds) Saturday 21 June (for 16 - 18 year olds) Tutors Sara Grundy and Dan Sorensen will introduce hats from the 1920s to the '40s, explain basic designs and give guidance on creating your own hat.

Re-constructing British Classicism: New Approaches in Eighteenth-century Architecture, An International conference 04/07/2003 - 05/07/2003 10:30 - 17:30
Jointly organised by the V&A and Birkbeck College, University of London This conference takes a fresh look at the architecture of Britain and its colonies in the period, 1640-1830. An international panel of speakers will offer a variety of new approaches to British classicism providing a long overdue appraisal of the methodologies and assumptions underlying this topic. The programme begins with an examination of historiographical issues, ranging from the pioneering work of writers such as John Summerson through to present-day debates about the commercialisation of eighteenth-century culture. Subsequent papers look at the significance of architecture in eighteenth-century society from a number of perspectives including: the uses of classicism to generate social identities and re-define gender roles; issues of popularisation; and notions of the urban and sub-urban. The intellectual and physical arenas in which architectural debate was conducted will be a key theme, with a particular focus on printed sources and their audiences. The final session considers the differing uses and meanings of British designs in the overseas context. Speakers include; Professor Dana Arnold, Dr Elizabeth McKellar, Dr Elizabeth Chew, Dr Daniel M. Abramson, Dr Tanis Hinchcliffe, Peter Guillery, Dr Barbara Arciszweska, Dr Matthew Craske, Dr Carol Watts, Dr Seán O’Reilly, Dr Deborah Mays, Professor Bernie Herman, Dr James Robertson. The conference will be of particular interest to architectural historians, art historians, design historians, cultural historians, and students of these disciplines as well as practitioners in the fields of architectural heritage and conservation.

European Silver 1400-1800 International Conference 16/05/2003 - 17/05/2003 10:30 - 16:30

The lustrous beauty and precious value of silver has made it the object of admiration and aspiration for centuries. The recent opening of the Gallery of European Silver 1400 – 1800 marks the completion of an eight year restoration project to re-display the V&A’s rich silver collections. English, European and international silver, from the late medieval period to the present day can now be seen in the magnificent Whiteley Silver Galleries. This conference brings together experts from the V&A with other specialists to share the results of current research and provide a forum for the discussion of the Museum’s extensive European silver collection. Speakers will examine the goldsmith’s trade and working practices, the role of patrons and collectors, the formation of the V&A’s collections and relations between English and European craftsmen. Speakers will include; Philippa Glanville, Dr David Mitchell, Dr Lorenz Seelig, Donna Stevens, Timothy Schroder, Sophie Lee, Angus Patterson, Ann Eatwell, Christopher Hartop, Dr Ralf Schürer, Norbert Jopek, Eleanor Thompson and Charles Truman. The conference will appeal to silver specialists and silversmiths; collectors and curators; and craft, design and decorative arts historians.


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