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Lorie Novak - Reverb
16 October to 21 November 2004
Reverb, a new computer-based projected installation by New York artist Lorie Novak, examines the cultural significance of personal and media photographs and their meanings as public and private memorials and records of historic events. Interspacing photographs of significant moments from the last 50 years with highly personal images, Novak places the individual within a deeply political and historical context.

Open Exhibition: commonground
4 December 2004 to 13 February 2004
ArtSway’s open exhibition for 2004 is on the theme of commonground. Artists from around the UK submit work for the exhibition. commonground aims to show the quality and diversity of artistic practice both locally and nationally. Artists are to consider commonground as a concept offering the opportunity to submit work addressing a variety of ideas and concerns loosely based around the theme.

Simon Faithfull - Antartica Dispaches
In the Foyer 23 Nov 2004 and 21 Jan 2004:
Simon Faithfull will be accompianing the British Antartic Survey. Using a Palm-Pilot as a simple sketchpad, Simon Faithfull will make a drawing a day that will record the journey from Britain to Haley Base in Antarctica.  The elliptic drawings will be dispatched out to the world daily via email - a kind of live, drawn journal. Simon’s drawings will be available to see in the ArtSway foyer. The project is supported by Arts Council England and is commissioned by CCA Gallery, Glasgow


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