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an exhibition about locating and location

curated by Joanna Callaghan



28 October 14 November 2004

The Puluwatt islanders in the Pacific ocean use the principal of etak when travelling between islands. They do not use maps or think of distance in miles nor do they imagine themselves as even moving while travelling. Rather they use a highly abstract, complex and creative cognitive map to travel from one point to another.

Using etak as inspiration four artists are invited to locate Elastic residence.

Deej Fabyc will present a series of drawings based on maps of Whitechapel from the sixteenth century until the present.

Jon Fawcett will create a locating work, a non-physical entity that extends out of the gallery space.

Rebecca Feiner explores cycles of displacement through ethnicity, culture, religious and political waves of immigration to the East End streets of London.

Joanna Callaghan navigates geographical points that surround the gallery via personal history and emotional indicators.

Etak @ Elastic residence

28 October 14 November 2004
Opening: Thursday 28 October 6-9
Open: Saturday & Sunday 12-6 or by appointment

22 Parfett St
London, E1 1JR
Tube: Whitechapel / Aldgate

For further information about Elastic residence please visit


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