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iola breakwell - alison mercer - melissa robertson - ben smith - jane ward   
23rd October – 4th November

House Gallery, 70 Camberwell Church Street, London  SE5 8QZ
Mon-Sat 1-6pm Closed Sundays

 Denmark Hill British Rail/Oval tube then Bus 36 or 436
 Or buses 12, 35, 45, 171, 176 or 345  

GROUP SHOW, an eclectic mix of responses to contemporary stimuli:


  • IOLA BREAKWELL'S haunting work takes in the fields of book illustration, collage, experimental photography and fanzines. Deeply influenced by the DiY ethos of punk she tries to juxtapose the unexpected.
  • ALISON MERCER'S ceramics explore how historical events are portrayed in the objects we bring into our homes. Currently her work is a timely focus on issues of war and remembrance.
  • MELISSA ROBERTSON'S biological abstractions are the springboard for her visual experimentation. One can witness the creative process in her pieces as they seem to grow mark by mark, becoming alive with movement.
  • JANE WARD'S impressionistic landscape paintings, in which the central motif is unpicked and left blank, address the slippage between our physical environment and human memory, at the same time as exploring the tension between the 2d object and the 3d image within painting.
  • BEN SMITH'S recasting of the familiar South London environment in bold pop colours comments on the stylised nature of all forms of ‘realistic' representation, asserting their status as constructed images rather than reflective simulacra.

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