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Cutting Through

Solo exhibition by Gonzalo Paramo

(Beyond 9pm you are welcome to stay as a guest and enjoy the creative atmosphere of the new Muse Arts Club)
Exhibition: 2nd November – 6th November 04 –11am to 6pm
Out of hours viewing may be arranged by appointment

Gallery: The Muse at 269, Portobello Rd. W11
Nearest Tube: Ladbroke Grove Bus:52,23,7,70

A surgery of ideas, an association of language, maths and symbols, Gonzalo Paramo’s work represents a series of explorations using the word as artistic medium.
Through concentrated layers of text, ‘Cutting Through’ attempts to distil the essence of experience and perception, both through the form of the word and through the spaces between words.

Obeying the rules of mathematics following sequences of Fibonacci numbers, layers of manuscripts are dissected in a ritualistic manner in order to understand what is in the soul of the things or perhaps to open a breach that permits the intrusion of the new without the hindrance of logical thinking. The materials used are parchment, paper or canvas with inks and restraints in the form of a dissection of ideas rather than of biological specimens.

This process is based on the use of the word and mirror handwriting to express the underlying ideas that inform and filter our perceptions of Nature. These are layered and intertwined with natural forms – both as image and metaphor – to represent levels of interpretation that have to be explored in order to reach the essence of the experience. The artistic process is a means to this end, not only to reach an understanding of nature but particularly our place within it.


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