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Tired of seeing the same five illustrators drawing just about every drawing you see on a day to day basis, from hip airport lounge scenes to trendy bar scenes, advertising everything from jeans to fabric softner? Us too. It’s because a small, secretive group known only as “The Five” control Britain’s illustration trade, keeping outsiders at bay and ruling the corporate market with an iron fist. To encourage a new generation to step forward, Sleaze is inviting anyone with scribbling skills to submit work. The best entries will appear in a forthcoming issue of Sleaze, and we’ll probably start employing you on regular basis to portray otherwise unportrayable stories and ideas (try finding a photo for an opinion piece about repressed memories).

Any form of illustration is valid, as long as the dimensions of the piece are 230 by 285… units irrelevant. Please do not submit work which contains: hip airport lounge scenes, trendy bar scenes, deliberately left handed scrawling, snowboarders, people wearing headphones, MCs, neon, DJs, girl skaters with large feet, space invaders or anything else from Atari, arrows, 1980s graf charcters with spliffs, anything involving air travel, anything involving olde english fonts, robots, apes, mullets, mesh hats, super heroes, manga, Bob Marley and/or Kurt Cobain and/or Tupac Shakur… either separately or in a “heaven” montage.

People not to rip off: Airside, Banksy, The Designers Republic, Jamie Hewlett, Pete Fowler, Airside, Futura 2000, Jasper Goodhall, Graham Routhweit, Airside, Jason Brooks, Twist/Barry Mcgee, Airside, Mike Judge, Dave Kinsey, Airside, Silas, Buck 65, Eboy.


Submissions can be submitted via email to or via post/personal visit to Pete Lewis, Sleazenation, 1BC Zetland House, 5-25 Scrutton Street, London, EC2A 4HJ. illustration: Danny Sangra


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