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Fashion Sophia Kokosalank

Sophia Kokosalank

Sophia Kokosalaki
It’s no secret that the designer has a passion for sci-fi. Kokosalaki’s collection at London's fashion week 2002, screamed Star wars, yes, I wanted to draw my light saber!
T hough still returning to her heritage for inspiration, with her draped, plunging necklines and array of raw rich colours, straps, sashes, belts, the feel of this year's collection was more of a fluid sophistication.

The designs were more “Greek goddess” with a reflection of folk style, with over laps of jersey and skins, the models floated down the catwalk. Greek Myths have been a powerful inspiration for designers for centuries. Combining symbolic attributes of love and war, Kokosalaki has captured this romantic reflection, strapped it, tightend the buckle and left it with a folk/military edge.

REVIEW BY Kerrie Bond




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