Gilbert Pool

Studied at Portsmouth College, UK.

Travel/Nature/Lifestyle photographer, having worked extensively in Asia, the In dian Ocean & Middle East.

Currently working mostly in the In dian Ocean islands.

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Nature - La Digue rocks 2.jpg
Nature - La Digue rocks 2


Nature - La Digue rocks.jpg
Nature - La Digue rocks


Nature - La Digue shadows.jpg
Nature - La Digue shadows


Travel - Beach on Fregate Island.jpg
Travel - Beach on Fregate Island


Travel - Hong Kong dusk.jpg
Travel - Hong Kong dusk


Travel - Maldives hotel.jpg
Travel - Maldives hotel


Travel - Maldives sea.jpg
Travel - Maldives sea


Travel - Silhouette at Lowtide.jpg
Travel - Silhouette at Lowtide


Travel - Sunrise clouds in Seychelles.jpg
Travel - Sunrise clouds in Seychelles


Nature - Fairy Tern in flight.jpg
Nature - Fairy Tern in flight



Artist Statement:
"Shadows often attract me more than light. And it is with them and through them that I attempt to capture the mood of the moment and the place".

Gilbert Pool

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