Gordana Batic

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Artist Statement:

Born in former Yugoslavia , Austrian citizen, settled in the UK in 1988. Lawyer turned to be artist. Study Fine Art at Wimledon College of Art in London.

The future has always been moody and unpredictable, even the one so-called tomorrow. In today’s world of growing technological development and daily turbulence, it is unthankful to forecast anything. It refers not only to the material, but also to the spiritual aspect of life, where the science undoubtedly advances with its break-in into most various domains.

This is time when everything is “in”. Our culture is formed according to commercial and aesthetic models of a supermarket; the author and the consumer may freely choose, make, mix or reject all styles, techniques, approaches, models of his past, present and future.

The artists' relation to the media structures had changed as well. The mediums in the arts today are comprehended primarily as a means, which serves to mark the manner in which something is announced. For the post-modern artist, the medium is technique to convey the information. The concept of art becomes so variable that is impossible today to include in that concept all activities of representatives of the new art practice. Art in not act any more - it is acting- not the specific condition of the concept, but the process. Artist is medium and creator of media.

I do not have the intention to restrict art; I just claim that where vulgarity and triviality are prevailing, there is not art. The art is not a dustbin, a container where an artist throws off his diseases, despair, neuroses, inferiority complex, cheap sensations, his evil thoughts and personal misery; Art is primary structure of the consciousness and passion, composed of the man’s deepest, healthiest and the most mysterious emotions. The cultural value and quality can not be judged by the amount of provocation and attraction, but by the depth of personal, artistic truth and dedication to the sense of one higher order.

There is no reason for any serious worry for the artists true to the traditional, figurative picture - the skill of the human hand and talent for the communication through the language of drawing and color, supported by my profound belief that the human nature is closer to optimism and harmony than pessimism and chaos. The less are chances for painting the more it succeeds. Even in the period of the most advances distorted technical reality, there would be no vanishing of the old human need, instinct for holy, for God, because painting and art had been for centuries connected with the sacral.

Painting is a magical space of metaphysical secret and a state of transcendence above and beyond the limits of material experience in which ability of seeing the whole picture, that basic art bastion made of triad: spirit-eye-hand must not be ruined.

Therefore, art is neither only gnoseological nor aesthetic activity - it is an alchemical activity, a result of inspiration, which is of a spiritual nature. So art is in its base spiritual activity - the communication between the human with deep secrets of his existence.

I am momentarily interested in a figurative painting, trying to express artistic passion through observation of the objects and reality more then abstractions. Faces and nudes are one of the sources for an aspiration to create objects of harmony and beauty and to depict particular human feeling and condition.


Gordana Batic


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