Final Fashion Show at Central Saint Martins in May 2004

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Hamansutra was born in Tehran on April 26th 1977 as the youngest of four children. He moved to New York with he’s family in 1978 but was principally educated in Germany (he have a German nationality) so English is he’s third language.

I was introduced to graffiti through the Munich underground scene and formed an artists' group with a streetworker, funded by Munich City Council. In order to be able to develop my style further, he studied graphic design in Munich.

I was able to fund my studies myself by working as a DJ at various clubs playing Soul, House, Rap, etc. Additionally, I earned money with contract graffiti artwork, some of which was published in the book “Graffiti Writing in Munich”. During my graphic design studies I was able to fully unfold my potential in working on the themes of fashion and accessories, where I could successfully synthesize my Persian cultural background with fresh Ideas.

Afterwards I worked as a graphic designer for the well known advertising agency Jung von Matt in Hamburg (Germany). Work there was mainly based on fashion briefs, e.g. designing “Lingerie for the year 2000” for Mey, selecting outfits for a Mey shoot, etc. I was encouraged by tutors at my art school and my Creative Directors in the advertising agency to study fashion design at Central St. Martins, with the idea that the courses would best reflect my previous background in studies as well as my personal style. I personally feel that my aims are too cosmopolitan for Germany; London, however, is my first choice for exploring the world of unconventional design.

Therefore I decided to finish at Jung von Matt in order to study fashion design at St. Martins School of Art. I joined the second year of the Fashion Design with Marketing course at Central Saint Martins in October 2001, after successfully completing the first year of the BA (Honours) in Design Technology for the Fashion Industry at London College of Fashion.

In 2002 I worked on the Scorpions Team Posters project for the client Nike. This project involved a set of promotional posters depicting the winning teams from local tournaments in 9 cities across Germany. The Nike SCO Victory Monument is the world’s largest victory monument, located on Ernst-Reuter-Platz in Berlin, displaying the winners’ portraits on 3300 square meters of vertical surface, in co-operation with „Wieden Kennendy“ Amsterdam and “Less Rain“ Berlin.

Following this, I started doing 3 costumes for a major project at the “London International Film School” and then resumed work in Germany. I completed a two-month assistantship at the KKBw, “Kleiderkasse für die Bundeswehr" (Clothing Department of the German military forces), Munich, and followed it with my third work experience last year, as an assistant for “Kostas Murkudis GmbH &Co. KG“ in Munich, Germany (former assistant of Helmut Lang), where I stayed for four months. In the same period I worked as a freelancer for "Kickz Sportswear GmbH“ in Munich, creating a suit for the German basketball team.

Finally, I finished a three-month placement in the Bavarian State Opera in Munich as a Costume Assistant for the “Twilight of the Gods“ / “Götterdämmerung“ by Richard Wagner, 1874, in the production directed by David Alden in 2003.
He also designed the Blue Costume for the 2003/04 "Geiz ist Geil" campaign
of the German HIFI Company “Saturn Hansa” involving 3 different TV
commercials, in cooperation with Jung von Matt Hamburg. Another major
project, with Design-Liga Munich, was to design costumes for a video by
singer Sonique (song: "Another World", Cosmo Records, Munich; release date
Christmas 2004) for music TV channels including MTV.
Hamansutra presented his Final Fashion Show at Central Saint Martins in May 2004.




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