Helen Greenwood

Bradford College: BA(Hons) Graphic Media Communication

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Penguin Thesaurus book jacket






Editorial Illustration


Editorial Illustration


Jazz event/entry ticket


National Poetry Day


National Poetry Day


National Poetry Day



Sexual Representation - Programme cover




1&2 - Art of conversation
Interpret a conversation held between 2 people. How do you transform this
onto paper?
2/3 conversations shown - 1.Sex 2.Art

3 - Penguin Thesaurus book jacket
No decorative book cover. Just type on idea, relevant to exploring language.

4&5 - Campari
Create 2 posters using graphics and simple language. Target a younger
audience with the aim to make them more aware of Campari and that it is not just a
drink "The red world of Campari". Cap and label must be included along with the
word 'red'.

6&7 - Editorial Illustration
>From the 'Real Life' section of The Sunday Independent newspaper,
>produce an
image that encapsulates the dialogue and comment of the article in an original
and intelligent way.
Article: Young women using Prozac to help lose weight.

8 - Jazz event/entry ticket
Music has long been at the forefront as a vehicle for creative design. Now
it's your chance. Produce an entry ticket for 'Phil Masons New Orleans
All-Stars' event.

9,10&11 - National Poetry Day
Promote 3 adverts to be featured in a magazine of your choice (single page).
Ensure that your 3 adverts have a cohesive visual identity/style. You may
quote a line or two from the poems provided but do not include the poem in its
entirety. Style, tone and pitch of your adverts are to be sympathetic to the
publication of your choice.
Magazine: The Independent newspaper weeken magazine 'The Information'.

12 - Sexual Representation - Programme cover
Following your recent graphic material for the Pictureville season, Sexual
Representation, you are now to produce a programme cover. Use of mixed media,
photography and Photoshop is required to produce your final image and layout.

Artist Statement:
Helen graduated last year with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Media Communication.
She's your average computer whiz, able to work with both PC and Mac platforms and very familiar with a number of applications. Helen is always keen to learn new skills and techniques. Along with plenty of enthusiasm she always enjoys meeting new challenges and seeing them through.
All Helens images are self produced, which has gained her plenty of raised eyebrows on her quests.Helen is currently working full time as a graphic designer for a local company. She is also interested in doing various freelance work.

Helen Greenwood

Bradford College: BA(Hons) Graphic Media Communication

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