Henry Di-Donna

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6 Fleurs d'ailleurs AOC 55X46cm..jpg
6Fleurs d'ailleurs
Acrylic on canvas


1 Fleurs d'ailleurs AOC  146X114cm.jpg
1 Fleurs d'ailleurs
Acrylic on canvas


2 Fleurs d'ailleurs  51X43cm.jpg
2 Fleurs d'ailleurs
Acrylic on canvas


3 Fleurs d'ailleurs AOC 81X65cm.jpg
3 Fleurs d'ailleurs
Acrylic on canvas


4 Fleurs d'ailleurs AOC 81X65cm. marron abs.jpg
4 Fleurs d'ailleurs
Acrylic on canvas


5 Flleurs d'ailleurs AOC 81X65cm. bleu abs.jpg
5 Flleurs d'ailleurs
Acrylic on canvas


The artist painter, Henry Di-Donna, translates aesthetically the concepts and symbols of Asian religion and philosophies. He also paints flowers inspired by Zen.

Artist Statement:

Henry Di-Donna started painting in 1971.

From 1971 to 1988, his paintings are figurative with a very personal style, inspired by Impressionism and Fauvism.

In 33 years, as a journalist, 25 of which as a great reporter for the French TV-news throughout the world, he covered several conflicts, revolutions and wars such as the algerian War, the laotian War and the Vietnam War.

In Cambodia, he was one of the first prisoners to be detained by the Red Khmers.

This exposure, to wars and human sufferings, has progressively led Henry Di-Donna to Asian philosophies and religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Zen and Tantrism. He has also studied and painted Catholicism and is currently working on Judaism.

His life experience and studies lead him to develop an abstract and spiritual style of painting since 1988.
« The emotions I feel, while reading a text, I try to transcribe it, in my work by using the relevant symbols, forms and colours. »

« Geometric abstraction is, for me, the most appropriate medium to drive the spirit from this world to the Absolute. »
Henry Di-Donna, as a journalist, a great reporter (France-Inter,TF1, FR3) and painter has lived in numerous countries : Northern Africa, France, Canada, Bahamas, Japan, United Kingdom, New Caledonia (Pacific Ocean), Djibouti (Africa), the island of Mayotte (Indian Ocean), Luxembourg and Florida (USA).


Instead of painting the visual aspect of flowers, which is fragile and fleeting, Di-Donna tries to render their non-apparent and thus eternal aspect, the inner energy of the flower.

Hence, in his paintings: the explosion of colours and dynamic forms expressing this inner energetic strength, which defines everything that exists.

In most cultures and religions, a flower is not only a symbol that describes the essence of humanity but also a link between the profane world and the absolute.

These flowers relate to the Zen philosophy fro three reasons:

  • Buddha in 6 B.C. remaining silent, pointed to a flower, thus signifying that “life is one”;
  • When a flower disappears, its energy returns to the Cosmic energy whence it came. This law is a universal law for human beings and everything else on earth;
  • Flowers are devoid of ego, of thought. They grow without a goal, naturally and without conscience.

Di-Donna names his flowers « Flowers from Elsewhere »



“I love Tantric art, says the artist, for its geometrical forms, its strong symbolic colors but most of all because it does not express inner conflicts but rather focuses mainly on the expansion of consciousness and the peace of the mind”.

Its aim is to awaken, stimulate our inner energies (intellectual, emotional and sexual) in order to use them to a spiritual end.



1972 - London, One-Two-Three Gallery

1977 - Nouméa (New-Caledonia), Meridien Hotel

1980 - Mayotte (

1981 - La Réunion Island ( Indian Ocean), Meridien Indian Ocean), Governor’s House Hotel

1984 - Paris, Galerie Chardin

1985 - Riyadh ( Saudi Arabia), Saudi-French Bank

- Cannes ( France), Di-Donna Gallery

1987 - Riyadh ( Saudi Arabia), Saudi-French Bank

- Paris, M.A.A.F. Insurance Company

1990 - Paris, Galerie Jean-Paul Villain

1991 - Paris, New Art Gallery

1992 - New York, Art Expo

- Geneva, Europ’Art

- Luxembourg, J.C. Chapelotte Gallery

- Paris, New Art Gallery

1993 - Paris, New Art Gallery

- Vanuatu (ex-New-Hebrides), French Embassy

- Riyadh ( Saudi Arabia), French Embassy

- Jeddah ( Saudi Arabia), General French Consulate

1994 - Antigua and Barbuda (Caribbeans), Jolly Harbour Center

- Casablanca ( Morocco), Venise Cadre Gallery

1995 - Luxembourg, Petrusse Gallery

- Charleroi ( Belgium), Art Show

  • - Luxembourg, Petrusse Gallery
  • - Yeu Island ( France)
  • - Fort Lauderdale ( Florida), Cripps & San Germa   Gallery




1989 - Paris, Contemporary Art Center, Sacred Art Show

- Paris, Espace Delta Gallery

- Chateaubriand (France), Rotary Club, Autumn Show

1993 - Paris, Contemporary Art Center, Sacred Art Show

- Nantes ( France), Art Comparaison Gallery

1997 - Naples ( Florida), The Ritz-Carlton, Zita Waters Bell Show

1998 - Daytona Beach ( Florida), The Museum of Arts & Science, Zita Waters Bell Show

- Naples ( Florida), Philharmonic Center for the Arts

- Boca-Raton ( Florida), Kenneth Raymond Gallery

1999 - Cannes (France), Galerie du Carlton (Hotel Carlton)

- Monte-Carlo (Monaco), Galerie Henri Bronne

- Nice (France) Garden Gallery

During his stay in Canada (2000-2001), his works were presented by Parallel Art Gallery and sold on sothebys.com.


One of his paintings has been chosen as the subject of a postal stamp by the French Post Offices

One of his paintings has been chosen to illustrate a stamp commemorating the Independance Day of Vanuatu

(formerly: New-Hebrides, Pacific Ocean)

He designed the poster for the first European tour of the Central Ballet of China ( Peking)

His paintings are being sold at auction in France and stand in many French and foreign private collections

( USA, Japan, Pacific, Europe and Middle East)

Henry Di-Donna lived in several countries: Algeria, France, Canada, Bahamas Islands,

Japan , Great-Britain, New-Caledonia (Pacific Ocean), Djibouti ( Africa),

Mayotte Island (Indian Ocean), Luxembourg and Florida ( USA).


Henry Di-Donna

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