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Speaking to the Kildare Nationalist, hilary (who uses her first name ‘hilary’ as a working title, (seriouslyhilary)) said art and painting have always been an important part of her life. “I studied Industrial Design in the National College of Art and Design Dublin but have always been a painter at heart. Images come into my mind connected to emotions or happenings and haunt me until I set them free onto canvas. I never chose to paint, it is part of me, and I need to do it.” she said.

The young painter draws on personal experiences for her inspiration. “The majority of my paintings are portraits of my emotional self, they depict the love, hurt, joy and loss that come into my everyday life. I am fascinated by the idea that a person or place or a book or a journey or a happening or even a breeze can influence you and change your life, change your opinions, your goals, your dreams, your personality, change who you are… The things that we experience every day form tiny parts of who we are.” she added.

Brimming with energy and ‘raring to go’, hilary is on the threshold of something much, much bigger. Preparing herself for her first solo exhibition is more that just a dream.

“My paintings grow from these influences, from something as small as a line in a book or lyric in a song, to something as overwhelming and huge as the death of a loved one. My paintings are physical expressions of the impact of these events on my being. A life changing experience can pass in a fleeting moment, I take that moment and give it life.” She described.

Her list of inspirations are as diverse as her work, “I am inspired by, and admire, artists that include Egon Schiele, Tamara de Lempicka, Paul Kerr, Pierre Auguste Renior, Salvador Dali, Paulo Coelho, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, William Shakespeare, Mitch Albom, Martin Finke and many more.”

With a confidence that defies her tender years, hilary relies deeply on her emotions. “When people talk of their artistic influences, they often mention other artists, I am influenced by the turnings of my heart, the whispers of a ghost and the struggles and confusion of my life. I am inspired by people who take the truth of their lives and look at it, turn it into art and share it with the world.”
“I admire people that find dreams and passion in their heart and follow it. I am influenced by everything I witness every day.” she said.

With obvious talent and drive to back it up, this is surely just the start for this Kildare artist.

seriouslyhilary is currently working on some commissions and preparing for her solo exhibition which is taking place in Antwerp beginning April 7th 2006

All images featured here are 51x75cm acrylic on canvas