Holly Smith

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Holly Smith

Artist Statement

I am a highly motivated, creative, dedicated and hard working arts graduate who has completed a BA Degree course with First Class Honours in Graphic Design and Illustration at Coventry University. I chose a joint degree course as I didn’t want to study just one or the other, I liked the idea of experience in both fields.

I have always wanted to work in the design business and artistic presentation of all kinds takes a high priority in all of my interests. whilst at University I have really enjoyed my work and continue to find it exciting, satisfying and fulfilling.

My technical experience has been mostly using Photoshop and Illustrator, but during this year I have also had experience in Quark, Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere and have had an introduction to Flash. In 2005 I produced an animation for SubTV, a television station which is shown in student unions all around the country. This was entered into the D&AD awards competition.

I am particularly interested in illustration. This year I produced a set of four illustrated books on different African Fables, inspired by a visit to Kenya in 2005. During my three years of University study I have incorporated mixed media into much of my work because It is a medium which I feel suits my style and which I can use to express myself in a way which satisfies me.


Holly Smith


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