On Boxing Day 2005 we held our own personal tributes to our daughter with a candlelit procession to the beach and the loading of offerings onto a raft and candles lit and then sent out to sea, followed by the letting off of 23 hot air lanterns. On the headland of Siam Bay, where she died, her friends have erected a simple memorial wooden post with the all-seeing eye of Horus carved into it. Char had the same eye tattooed on her lower back. The Ancient Egyptians believed the symbol offered the wearer powerful protection but clearly it wasn't powerful enough to protect Char from that great and terrible wave.


Lunchtime Ceremony

Char's Statue on the headland rock


Char's statue garlanded with flowers


the raft cerfemony on
the Evening of Boxing Day


Raft with candles being lit by folk (+ offerings),
before being taken out to sea

rudder of the raft painted by Vicki with the Eye of Horus on


View from Siam Bay looking out



the table laid out with offerings
below the shrine



inside the shrine