Jagannath Panda

Royal College of Art,London: 2002 M.A Fine Sculpture,

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Territorial 1


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behind the meeting pl22C9F




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Dream Panic-1


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goat pulling










Artist Statement:

The work is something to do with a desire to manifest a conflict between knowledge and faith.
For me mind is a non-figurative and non-defined space capable of figuring memories, experiences and their related journeys in space across diverse cultural locations separating culture from artefact or recognising art in artefact, thus recreating societal concerns and human values.
I believe that history is enlivened in space in conceptual and current time with a treatise on tolerance in a non-traditional way.

I try to transgress the physicality in the material substance and reach out to comprehend their non-matter energy. I then translate this non-matter language into a pictorial manifest in a guarded juxtapose of matter and spirit, the visible and the non-visible collagen.

Words in a dictionary are non-material substances stored as sedimented historical consciousness layered in time. When they surface in usages, create tentalizing relatives to day-to-day history and humanity in manifestation. This dormant energy in matter and history provides the infinity of enactments and engages me to a root metaphor in my work and sustains my journey. It transcends the present ness and unfolds me (you) to the boundlessness of a terrestrial and cosmic space. Here emerges the question of life, renewal and continuity.
For example running sheep (large photograph) are on the one hand the real time encounter or experience and on the other, like a day dream out of the immediate world, the world which bears the infinite imagining consciousness. They are the mass and I am one of them.

The floating image on the surface of the ball investigates itself, a feeling of otherness or sence of belonging and learns to live like a food chain or ecosystem. This could involve any living being.


1. Runner ( Photo, 210cm x 110cm)
2. Sphere (Paper mashi, Dictionary, glue, 105cm x105cm)
3. Lexicon Present (Paper mashi, plywood, Dictionary, glue, 180cm x180cm x 150cm)

Jagannath Panda

Royal College of Art,London: 2002 M.A Fine Sculpture

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