Jaime Benton

Staffordshire University BA (Hons) Fine Art

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The expression of being proud of what you are.

Unlike Suppression the white male is no longer judged as an object, enslaved by a name but an individual with an expression, the viewer is left with fewer preconceptions to that of suppression. Yet the image is still judged without question of personality it is seen more like a criminal picture or that of a football hooligan. We see or judge the label to be more like a tattoo than that of a branding of suppression.

In conclusion though the images are shot with little creative flare and are almost identical the simple introduction of text gives the viewer the position to judge the images in an almost racial way.



The suppression through the tone of skin enhanced by the opinion of race

My original concept for this photograph was purely to show the every day labels carried with us through out our life, yet to enhance race I found the picture had far more impact shot from behind the person, this left out the viewers compassion for the person, and left them souly as an object judged by colour. The label leaves the viewer with a preconception of what an Indian women looks like with out question of beauty or personality, leaving her to purly represent India and it's beliefs


The misinterpretation through form strengthened through ignorance of language.

This piece gives the viewer a feeling of disconnection and confusion, though the viewer is able to judge body language they are not able to read or understand the text yet the viewer will still pursue the image as being racist through costume and gesture, this rash view hides the fact that the text is in that of a foreigh culture the use of this text would serve no purpose in a racist campaign yet if only to show our alienation from each other.

" Racism doesn't only come from strangers but from, friends, neighbours and even family. Racism is a product of fear and ignorance; the world is richer for the mixture of different types of people - live and let live".


Jaime Benton

Staffordshire University BA (Hons) Fine Art

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