James Dick

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These images were shown at the Toilet Gallery, London in June 2004, they are part of a series of twenty four site specific images.

Untitled 2004
Twenty Four 6"x4" Photos












Untitled (helicopter, installation shot)
840mmx590mm inkjet print


Untitled 2003
Series of six 6”x4” digital photos
(1 of 6)


(2 of 6)


(3 of 6)


(4 of 6)


(5 of 6)



(6 of6)




Artist Statement:

My work deals with perceptions of reality and art, within the photographic image. I am interested in the viewer having to suspend their belief when looking at photographic images, and how this can be achieved and exploited.
I am currently developing the use of CD ROMs as a way to separate the viewer’s experience of the work from further explanation and exploration. Taking a CD home is an integral part of the work.
At present I am looking for both public and private environments such as offices, bars or shops, which I would be able to construct images of. Then exhibit these images within the space that they are based on. The images would depict some alternative history, in which the space has a completely different function, but is still recognisable.

James Dick

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