Janice Roberts

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Brothers. Oil on canvas. 16" by 16"


Friendship. Oil on canvas. 18" by 14"



Entire. Oil on canvas. 16" by 31"


Family. Oil on canvas. 32" by 46"


Just Being. Oil on canvas. 16" by 20"


Together. Oil on canvas. 16" by 12"


Waiting. Oil on canvas. 18" by 24"


Friends. Oil on canvas. 20" by 18"


Mom. Oil on canvas. 18" by 24"


Artist Statement:

The inspiration for my work comes from life and the world around us, the fragile journey from birth to death, examples of which can be seen everywhere we look. Sometimes uplifting, sometimes sad but always exciting, life never sits still for a second. From organic life forms like people, animals, plants and flowers etc. to the non-organic lives of objects such as buildings which also go through the birth death cycle.

Since the recent death of my Mother and subsequently My father and Sister I have found myself trying to make sense of life by looking inwardly at life close to me personally. The above paintings are mostly of my family and reflect my current thoughts and feelings.

I do lots of drawings of a subject before starting a painting, interacting with three dimensional life forms and the relationship between them. Then I transfer the drawings (normally using many drawings for one painting) onto canvas, painting in oils.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work.

Janice Roberts.

Janice Roberts



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