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Grace A Jarvis


My name is Grace Jarvis, I am 23 years old and from Eastbourne, Sussex. I am currently studying Humanities at the University of Essex after beginning to study Architecture at Newcastle. I have an A-level in fine art, but cannot say that it has influenced my current work other than in making me determined to defy most of what I was taught at college. I paint in acryllics on canvas, and my paintings are based on songs or pieces of music, which conjur up particular images and colours in my mind which I then try to capture.
The painting 'The Terrace' is based on the Scott Walker song 'Montague Terrace in Blue'. The other, 'Dance', is a piece I made as part of my course in Architecture, to illustrate the way a piece of choreography (or the design for a bulding) evolves from an embryonic idea and becomes something crisp and defined (the brief I was working on was for a community dance centre).

Grace A Jarvis


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