Jasmine Miu

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untitled tree.jpg
untitled: oil, spray paint and mixed medium


blue pear.jpg
blue pear: oil, acrylic and pastel


dark lie.jpg
dark lie and goodbye:
oil, acrylic, water color, charcoal, zart


for us.jpg
for "US": acrylic and mixed medium


harmony: acrylic, water color and mixed medium


sshhh.. ( silence. like the lambs):
oil, water color and spray paint


Artist Statement:

Im only 21 this year but have been painting for 8 or 9 of those and doing art for as long as i can remember. i have gone from doing acrylic abstractions to heavy surrealist images in oil and now im working  generally with mixed medium and anything goes. i love to experiment and believe that art's only purpose is to freely express yourself. so i love to just turn the music up and see what happens. i also use charcoal, zart, water colors and things like PVA glue, flour and squeezing paint from a syringe to get textured effects.

generally there is some type of feeling or emotion behind each painting that has made me paint that in the first place, and i like to use text alot to portray that feeling or message. i love using words in paintings also because i feel like im personally connecting to everyone who ever sees it; and asthetically words can do so much for a piece.

im heavily inspired and influenced by brett whiteley, i love the flow and style of his work, and i also find myself feeling constantly inspired by the grafitti/ street art and going on's of melbourne as a whole. if im ever feeling uninspired, it never lasts. im surrounded by amazing people and places.


Jasmine Miu

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