Jeremy Webb

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Angel in Clouds


Backwards man + -sky






CorinChris star


Kylie -Visitation


Lets Think About Christmas


The Witness


Unclear View


Under Sheets


Artist Statement:

I'm inspired by the sensual and the surreal, our inner worlds and our outer presentations, by uncertainty, ambiguity, and the unexpected. I'm constantly amazed by the incredible power and immediacy with which an image can strike at the heart of you - with far greater force and speed than language, and touch something deep and unknown. I'm also fascinated by the way in which visual art, and Photography in particular, can raise unanswerable questions and can simultaneously intrigue and repell.

I'm a freelance photographer first and foremost and use the digital process as an aspect of my work. I've exhibited widely throughout the UK and had work featured in many publications, most recently being featured and reviewed in the British Journal of Photography in November 2000. In 2001 I was awarded first prize in the Kentmere Awards (digital section) and was also a merit-awarded finalist in the London Photographic Awards (LPA.5). In 2002 my work was exhibited in Nova Gorica as part of an international computer art festival, and In October 2003 my work was shown as part of the ZoneZero 10th anniversary exhibition in Mexico City.


Jeremy Webb

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