Jonathan Garcia

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bowl 2 top copy.JPG
bowl 2 top copy


bowl 3 side adjusted.jpg
bowl 3 side adjusted


bowl 3 top.jpg
bowl 3 top


bowl 4 side copy.JPG
bowl 4 side copy


bowl 4 top copy.jpg
bowl 4 top copy


bowl 5 side copy.jpg
bowl 5 side copy


bowl 5 top.jpg
bowl 5 top


bowl 1 side.jpg
bowl 1 side


bowl 2 close up.jpg
bowl 2 close up


bowl 2 side copy.JPG
bowl 2 side copy


Artist Statement

On an aesthetic level what I am trying to accomplish is the combination of organic form with linear components. I am interested in the ongoing practice of combining these two basic ideas. With each project comes a better understanding of the material and what can be accomplished with each design.

I am a recent graduate from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a BS in Industrial Design. While attending school I started developing sculpture for a class and on my own time. I am relatively new to the market and have limited exposure. I’ve exhibited on Project 30 (online gallery), and a local gallery at 23rd Avenue Sculpture Studio and Gallery.

Project: All natural color exotic woods. Designed in 3-D modeling program.

One of a kind item. J.V. Garcia design

Jonathan Garcia

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