Jonathan Shutt

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Artist Statement:

About Me
I've just finished uni, gaining a 2:1, where aswell as gaining all the latest skills and design ideas, I've completed a number of commercial projects for a variety local companies and organisations

By traveling working abroad for a year after my degree, I will be able to experience a new and different country. As well as bringing my designs skills built up and developed in England to another culture, I will be able to expand my own design influences.

I am very experienced in Director 7 and 8 including in depth knowledge of Lingo, creating advanced interactive games and programmes.
I use Dreamweaver and Flash to create interactive, interesting, and usable websites.
I' can also create 3d animation and environments using programs like Cinema 4d and Bryce
These are backed up by my more traditional skills or photography and pen on paper techniques

These are links for some of my latest websites

links to other sites I've produced

Please email for a free full interactve CD showing all my work - games, educational programmes and graphic design.

The Images
"screenshot" is a shot out of my promo CD
"website" is a shot of my website (
"mrc_winter" and "mrc_navigation" are posters of a series produced at uni promoting mountain safety
"vikinglands" and "spacequest" are screen shots frrom interactive games I've madee - (on my promo CD, email me for a free copy)


Jonathan Shutt

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