Josie Walker

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Artist Statement:

the title of the project shown is 'planning and decision making'. the work comprised extensive plans, diagrams, objects and calculations which aimed to make chance selections without any human intervention. the culmination of these selections was a selected time, date and precise location. the concept was that this final 'event' was chosen by chance and should therefore be observed as it would have inherent importance simply for the fact that it was randomly selected (or by 'fate'). the selected 'event' was narrowed down to a square metre on church road (N17), on the 27th april at 10:56 am. the resulting photos are predictably dull. however, i find it interesting that in one of the 18 images a train is caught going past. the chance selections picked a location and time that included a train going past - perhaps something important happened on the train? people met, someone died, someone was born? the possibilities are vast and can't be known, although i feel that the framework of the project allows some interesting narratives to be imagined and opens up ideas.



crazyrace1: cars were raced on a numbered track to select a time

crazyrace2: 'hotwave', the bright blue car had a secret randomly placed sticker underneath and therefore selected the time where it stopped, at 10:56am

dinkynumbers: to select the page number of the A-Z, 67 numbered post it notes were stuck to my cat and gradually she brushed them off, leaving number 12

event1: one of the predictably dull event photos

event2train: the potentially significant train at the event

installed1/installed2/installedfullview: the work as it was exhibited: plans and diagrams messily and densely pinned to the board with objects displayed below and the vital event photos exhibited at the top of the board


Josie Walker

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