Juan Gonzalez

University of Salamanca : BA in Art and Graphic design

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Artist Statement:

As a young boy growing up in a small town in the North of a recently democratic Spain, Juan enjoyed the beginning of a new, open-minded government after years of dictatorship. He studied at the University of Salamanca where he successfully gained a BA in Art and Graphic design. Juan has been developing his art since he was 8 years old so by all counts he is a bit off an old hand at the game. Juan’s first work was cultivating his technique like all young artists with genuine talent he was soon spotted and developed. Juan went on to create his ideas using pencil and charcoal evolving onto oils and water colours.

Juan’s paintings have an individual style that represents an alternative insight to religious representation through an artistic medium Juan has a very unique canvas in that it is pieces of wood he has rescued from various buildings in his University City of Salamanca.

By the time Juan entered University a new style of art was being developed now known as graphics and illustration. Juan proves his versatility when designing graphics as his work shows a popular image of the female form capturing the beauty whilst showing the strength of female’s influence in society and everyday life.

Having moved to London, the focus of Juan’s work is now Fashion Illustration that reflects contemporary urban lifestyles and labels. When Juan began working in this field his commissions were mainly centred around print work for small business, including designing logos and advertising materials. As his art work has developed along the fashion illustration route, commissions have included capturing the creative ideas on paper for a major fashion designer. Juan has teamed up with a University to share his experience and knowledge with students through lectures and one to one guidance sessions.

Most recently, Juan has begun working with an international club promoter who is developing a club night that centres around the work of an illustrator rather than a DJ, who in the first instance will be Juan. This night will form an integral part of an upcoming fashion week and Juan is working on creating all aspects of the night from promotional materials to holographic projections.

Keen to support budding illustrators and graphic designers,


Juan Gonzalez

University of Salamanca : BA in Art and Graphic design

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