Karyn Schafer

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Limpopo 003


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Limpopo 007


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Limpopo 008




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Soweto 001


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Soweto 004


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Soweto 009


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Soweto 013


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Soweto 014




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Johannesburg 005


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Johannesburg 006


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Johannesburg 012


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Limpopo 002


Karyn Schafer

Artist Statement

My name is Karyn Schafer and I am seeking work as a photojournalist and currently working on a photographic book to conclude this current project.

I studied Photography in 1998 in New York and moved to London in 2003 to study a foundation course in Media at the London College of Communication.

Project Statement

In 2005, I spent 2 months documenting the AIDS epidemic in parts of South Africa. I met incredible people working for organizations like Treatment Action Campaign and AIDS Consortium. The mission was to de-stigmatise the virus in order to free the alienation of being diagnosed. I saw so much beauty within the pain and struggle. A more optimistic approach resulted in the conclusion that there is hope with this devastation.



Karyn Schafer


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