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Artist Statement:

I've just graduated from the Nottingham Trent University where i've been studying graphic design for the last
three years.

At the moment i'm trying to find interesting projects to get involved in to use my design skills. I'm particularly interested in working in the music/film industry.

I feel comfortable working at different ends of the design spectrum. Either producing tight/clean layouts or more expressive mark making techniques, depending on the project or my mood!!

If anyone wants to e-mail me they can do so at Hope you like the work.


This project was an attempt, by me, to come to terms with my own spirituality and reflect the conflict that exists in most people's view of religion and the church.

By using conflicting imagery and religious iconography, I was able to interpret these emotions in a graphic way. The pieces stand as examples of graphic art rather than graphic design and come from a completely neutral standpoint.

I thought that it was important to take this stance although some people have been offended by the project's use of religious icons in this context.


I used stark black and white marks to illustrate William Burroughs dystopian view of modern America, 'Nova Express'. The whole project was based around the notion of 'chance' and I used materials such as indian ink, paint and
bleach to saturate the paper and produce an aggressive yet lucid interpretation of the book. The cut-out text reflects Burroughs' own use of the 'cut-up' technique and provides an eclectic illustration of the text.


The article discusses the regeneration of the South Bank in London and the South Bank Centre's role within it. I wanted to make a statement with my work and this project illustrates an article that I wrote about the subject.

I reduced the colour of the photographs and printed the layouts in monochrome in an attempt to reflect the weather-stained buildings and mis-management of the SBC. I also researched architectural grid structure
for this project to enable me to reflect the brutalist architecture of the SBC typographically.

The South Bank Centre remains one of my favourite areas in London and this project was a chance for me to celebrate the area and spread awareness of Government plans to knock down the complex.


Nottingham Trent University: Graphic Design

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