Lakshmi Harikrishnan

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Lakshmi Harikrishnan

Artist Statement

An artwork should purely reflect the artist who has done it’, that is what I strongly believe upon and led me towards my thought process of working while painting. At present they are mere representations, inspired from the traditional objects of my culture; I use these objects symbolically to express the thoughts and feelings which I undergo in my day to day life. I rather like to work with acrylics, layer upon layer which binds my work altogether giving it a strong base along with the transparent images visible over and over, which gives a depth to my thought process, evoking a sense of subtlety and mere conversation between itself.

Even though my paintings are self expressions, I paint so that people may observe, wait and watch my work of art and experience this sense of subtlety, peace and relax their mind. There is nothing very harsh in my work, everything is mild, and even if something contradicts it is very softly said.


I am very much influenced by my culture, though my painting is not traditional, day to day traditional objects which are along with me or some objects whose appearance I find interesting I study those objects, work with its various forms, which sometimes form a part to express my thought in painting (it can be any incidences in day to day life which holds me) I try getting them on to the canvas, then become free and solely play with the elements while painting and thus enjoy the process.

Educational qualification:
M.F.A creative painting 2006 , Sir J.J .School of Art ,(distinction 3rd rank)
B.F.A Drawing and painting, Sir J.J school Of Art -2004 (first class 4th rank)

2006 - Late Shri G.N.Jadhav prize for painting in annual exhibition, Sir.J .J. School of Art
2005 - Camlin award in the Annual exhibition, Sir J .J. School of Art.
2005 - Second Prize in the Maharashtra state Art Exhibition.
2004 - Gladstone Solomon award from Sir J.J School of art annual exhibition.
2004 - Smt. Indu Dhage cash prize from Art Society of India exhibition.
2004 - Late Shri G.S.Shenoy memorial prize for painting from the Bombay Art Society.
2004 - Merit award for Landscape painting in study tour, Sir J. J. School of Art.
2003 - Cash award and certificate awarded for painting in AIFACS.
2003 - Cumi.H.Dallas prize from the Art society of India annual art exhibition.
2003 - Merit certificate in annual exhibition, Sir J.J. school of Art
2002 - Merit certificate in annual exhibition, Sir J.J. school of Art

Annual art exhibition of Bombay Art society 2001-2002,2002-2003,2004,2005,2006.
Annual art exhibition of Art society of India 2001-’03,’04, 05.
Maharashtra State art exhibition 2002-’03.
AIFACS ‘2003’.
Annual exhibitions of Sir J.J. school of Art.
International printing expo-‘03 in Mumbai demonstrating lithographic print Making.
Various landscape competitions.

Monsoon group show by Jehangir Art gallery 2004.
Out of focus art exhibition 2004.
Bajaj Art Gallery monsoon show 2004.
Chaatak ‘ 2005'.
Indian art water colour show 2006-Pune

2001-2002 Merit Scholarship in Sir J.J. School of Art.

2002-2003 Free ship in Sir J.J. School of Art.
2003-2004 Free ship in Sir J.J. School of Art.

*Sir J.J .School of Art, Mumbai .
*Thomas cook
*Many private collections in India and abroad.

Lakshmi Harikrishnan


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