Laura Bolton

Sheffield Hallam University : BA (Hons) Packaging Design

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Absolut Jello


Body Shop Your Mark




Star Smiles


Virgin Cool Hot


Whiskas Magic Munch n Crunch


Artist Statement:

Throughout my time at College and University I have gained 5 years experience on Quark Xpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, 3D Studio Max and Rhino. I have also achieved many awards including two Bronze Student Starpack awards and first prize for a Whiskas design competition.

My packaging design course has dealt with many projects covering branding, graphics, 3-dimensional design and advertisements.

I look forward to working in a graphic or packaging design studio.

Project Statements:

Absolut Jello- Student Starpack 2002- Bronze Award

This pack contains alcoholic jelly pieces and 5 sticks to pick them up. This is a sociable product to be shared with friends, in a bar or at a party.

The ring shaped container has a clear top to view the fun graphics on the seal below.

Absolut Jello reflects the wit of the Absolut brand.

Body Shop- Your Mark.

UV perfume stamp.

“YOUR MARK” is against the destruction and degradation of the Amazon rainforest and wildlife.

Each perfume has a different stamp design that is also embossed on the pack. The stamp design glows under the ultra-violet lights in nightclubs.

Using “YOUR MARK” perfume shows your support.

Whiskas- Magic Munch ‘N’ Crunch

Year 2 Whiskas Design Competition- First Prize

Encouraging children to feed their pets.

Each meal consists of the wet food in a pouch and dry food in a wand. As the child serves the food they say one of the magic spells to make their pet healthy!

Example- “Whiskas Magic, Make My Cat, Strong and Mighty, Fit Not Fat!”

The product is simple to serve and very enjoyable.

Transfix Balance & Cover – Skin Care For Men
Brand Image- masculine black and white colour scheme. Using these products helps “transfix” women to men. Swirl pattern is transfixing when turned!

Balance- moisturising bar that evens the appearance of shaving rash. Twist the top to dispense.

Cover- portable powdered cards to abolish shine. Simply peel off the back and wipe on face. Black swirl pattern is printed onto metalised polyester that has a subtle mirrored effect.

Secondary pack is wallet styled to emphasise its portability.

Eve Bath Products
The image of the biblical Eve is modernised to a mature, independent and influential woman.

Products still defy age but focus on other assets such as- wisdom, reflection and inspiration.

Container shapes subtly represent the bitten apple from the Garden of Eden. This bite mark also aids grip when opening the lids.

Embrace Wine- Student Starpack 2003- Bronze Award
Romantic wine for the modern couple.

The embossed logo represents two people hugging (as shown in the advert) and also two complete hearts (when you look through the bottle).

The shape of the bottle appears to be lovingly squeezed in a loving embrace.

Cool Hot Sweet Virgin Meal Tray
This design focuses on the constricted space allowed for the tray. Therefore the lids stand upright in the tray to save space in a decorative way.

The containers and their embossed character lids each have a name depending on the course- cool for starters, hot for main and sweet for desert.

Ribena Star Smiles
This is a pack for children’s teeth cleaning sweets.

The sweets are stored in a blister pack and come with free photo frames and smile stickers.

The child can frame their favourite celebrity in their lunchbox and each day of the week the free smile stickers get bigger and bigger!

Encourages oral healthcare at school.

Laura Bolton

Sheffield Hallam University : BA (Hons) Packaging Design

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