Le Ber

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Artist Statement

I paint in order to be whole and to bring that wholeness into being. The so-called realism of modern life has succeeded in making everything unreal. My work for me , is a mysterious commitment to the absolute. There is something about art that shows something about the nature of reality. A function of art is to make life real again.

my work is not about finding a style or a particular technique but of conveying some spark of life of inner mystery and vision .Transmitting ideas and passion from the past or from another source ,as a conduit through time. each idea,each look at the world deserves a fresh way of seeing I think and a new depiction if necessary.

Art as the alchemy that transforms, making the unsubstantial substantial ,art as showing a different way of thinking revealing something other something distinct .my pieces are invitations to step into another world this can sometimes feel scary .I like work that reveals other worlds, dimensions or places that I haven't visited. They offer to take you somewhere else but from somewhere you may not return.

I use the symbols and reality of the natural world of trees as well as the realms of spirit. I attempt to fuse transform or include Buddhist and Christian symbolism in my work,as well as symbols from more ancient times.

when I'm taking my photographs out in the world in or in the landscape, I try to do that with a sense of co operation a cooperative vision between myself and the landscape, the elements and the spirits of birds and trees. I seem to know if they wish to be seen and if there is co-operation about a photograph. This can lead to some quite unexpected results and a definite sense sometimes of the living presence in the landscape or natural world.

I think the private individual vision can sometimes become of universal significance

.There is an active engagement for me as part of my art which includes meditation, reflection and study My work attempts to reveal the numerous levels and dimensions of the self and of the spirit,the mystical dimensions that underlie our modern material and intellectual world.

I see the artist as deeply embedded not just in this world but in the world spoken about by mystics and visionaries There is something about the essential building blocks of form that that I see or experience in meditation that come from the mind . These buiding blocks of conciousnness infuse our life, indeed create our life and art using the elemental energies of the world. I believe that we can become more aware of these processes as artists and bring about a sense of wholeness in our work, that communicates more effectively to others.

Le Ber

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