Lia Chechelashvili

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Artist Statement:

My works mainly are the result of thinking and my own interpretation of life. When idea appears, then I begin to think about best possible realization, whether it should be in colors, or just white lines on dark background, and if in colors, what color range is most appropriate to express the emotion properly. When I already keep in mind all details I start painting. I paint very quickly. My preferred technique is oil. But when painting linear compositions I mainly use gouache.
I felt serious about drawing in the age of 11. Then I had only colored pencils and drawed with them, but I imagined that I painted with oil.
Meanwhile my parents noticed than I had talent and bought gouache kit for me. So I began to enjoy gouache painting. I painted figurative compositions, portraits, still lifes, landscapes, interiors. But the real great occasion was when I was given an oil kit on my 16 years birthday. I painted very quickly and easily. My parents wanted me to attend some lessons but I refused, I would not stand someone’s interruption into my creative process. I’ve always been extremely independent in this sense. Soon I got canvas and from that time my era of color symphonies began.
My aim was to create color symphony, without any philosophical load, only vibrant strokes, everything should be in interaction and sometimes reflected in each other. For these purposes I chose very simple subjects ( like still life, portrait or landscape). That period lasted 1 year (1988). Then I felt I needed something new, I had definite pause while thinking and trying to find my new style. It dawned upon me when I was sitting in lecture-hall and pretending that I listen to math lecturer, actually I was in thoughts and my hand began to draw some linear composition with human bodies interlaced, I looked at it and thought that it could be more effective if in white lines on dark background. I liked this idea and created several compositions in this style. While working at next in turn composition I found myself dissatisfied with overburdening figures and lines, I began to simplify the composition and it took me unusually long time, but the result was: “Minimum of means and maximum of expression”. I continued working this way. That period was characterized by laconism of lines and substantive psychological and philosophical contents. The most works in this style was created in 1993. It was very productive year for me. Also I created color compositions.
1994-96 were the hardest years for me and my family, we were at the edge of hunger. The situation in Georgia was awful. I created almost nothing that years, I thought I would never be out of that depressive mood, I didn’t want to paint, I didn’t want to live. If I even would want to paint I could not, I didn’t have money to buy colors, cardboard or canvas.
The revival finally came in 1997. I would determine the works of this period as postdepressive.
I got the opportunity of international exposure only since 2003. I had several exhibitions in Spain, USA, Italy and France in 2003 and 2004 years.

Lia Chechelashvili

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