Lisa Rae Hansen

Edinburgh College of Art in Jewellery and Silversmithing

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v rod




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Cigarette brooch from Nicotine






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nike with aero man


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Old Deers Cath and Nancy








I studied at Edinburgh College of Art in Jewellery and Silversmithing, graduating in 2000 with a First Class Hons Degree and a Postgraduate Diploma.

Capturing the essence of a subject, my pieces are in the main a combination of jewellery and figurative sculpture. I work in mixed media using a variety of materials; usually combining mould making, carved wood, resin, silversmithing and enamel. This melding of jewellery and sculpture – a device that is now my trademark -results in mainly 3-d figurative sculpture that is often abstract, surreal and even cartoon - like.

Parts of the sculpture perform two tasks, firstly to form as a feature of the character, e.g. a handbag, and secondly to perform individually away from the sculpture as stand-alone jewellery pieces, e.g. a brooch. Initially appearing cartoon or dreamlike, the pieces also possess a rawness that is reflected in everyday life. These dark but loveable characters each have their own narrative that provides escapism, taking us on a journey into another world. The removable jewellery piece extends this narrative from the sculpture and through wearing the owner of the piece is drawn deeper into the character’s world. Sometimes poetry and words give the character an additional voice, or automata will give a simple movement that also adds to the reality of the concept.

My inspiration comes from everyday life, in observations of people and their environment, seeing depth below the superficial. Drawings of parts and pieces of broken down machinery are always my starting point. The vitality of the characters and 3-dimensional objects develop from these loose painterly sketches.

My pieces range from simple items of jewellery, to painting and prints, highly collectable limited edition figures (with or without jewellery components) to large one–off pieces.  I also have a small T shirt Label called Solly.

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