Lloyd Gill

University of Wales Institute Cardiff : B.A. Fine Art Degree (hons)

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Artist Statement:

My work embraces the simulated world, focusing attention on the interchange – ability of real and imaginary, actual and virtual. My work studies the relationship between spatial dimensions and perception in conjunction with art. I have a fascination with scientific theories that try to grasp an understanding of the universe. I have learnt to identify key spatial relationships within architecture, by photographing various architectural structures and observing architectural space. Depth, volume, mass and perspective are some of the important spatial aspects I look for in architecture. The spatial relationship is used as a platform to develop initial ideas into final work. The general purpose of the architecture is to create a composition for the spectator’s eye to travel around.
Architecture is a habitat for my sub-conscious, a place where I can consume ideas and concepts. On a metaphorical level the empty spaces, i.e. corridors, are solid forms, sculptures of subatomic mass. They appear to be void of objects; but I see the void itself as the object. I am ultimately attempting to extend the matrix of interpretation, and to constantly shift the relationship between the viewer and the work.
SERIES EPOCH TERMINAL - Study of theoretical Physics in relation to artist perception 2005

I have an interest in some of the most recent of theoretical based Physics. That being, the study of string theory and M theory. This series is a visual representation of the possibilities of higher dimensional space. I find it very intriguing that many people perceive reality as a restricted zone that only allows 1/3 of the actual mass of our universe. If Scientists have calculated that we can only see 1/3 of the mass in our universe, then logically it would seem there are other spatial connections out-side our reach. String theory states that the rest of the mass in our universe is very small and curled up as higher dimensional space. My paintings in this series are trying to depict a reality which represents more than three dimensions of space. Recently, I have been interested in M theory which describes our universe as floating inside higher dimensional space. It suggests that our universe is a large solid object called a membrane. The theory states it may be possible for other universes to exist inside this higher dimensional space. One speculation of this idea is that if there are a number of universes floating around in higher dimensional space. So what is stopping them from colliding with one another? A recent painting, `Multiverse` Feb 2005, is depicting the precise moment where two universes have collided. I have visualised that moment as being two universes as one. The painting represents both realities combining together to create a multiverse, hence the title.

Physics has given us many things we take for granted. Our insight to the universe is down to laws of Physics. Our knowledge of technology is closely linked with Physics. I believe Physics is the key to unlocking the doors of invention.
There are many different theories surrounding the topic of space travel. One is transportation through a wormhole or black hole. Imagine Space, Time and Mass as one sheet of two-dimensional paper. If you bend the paper in halve and join it together you have the basic understanding of how a wormhole is illustrated. It is creating a short cut through the fabric of space and time. This short cut would enable a vessel to transport to one area of the universe to another very quickly. Many theorists say this is not possible as wormholes are extremely unstable, and it would need a huge amount of mass to create one in the first place. what if we did harness enough energy to open a wormhole. Which turned out to be stable enough to travel through. Could possibly travel to a distance planet enriched with basics of life.
I have illustrated the idea of wormhole travel as our survival, through depicting environments twisted and warped by the gravitational pull of the hole. Each of the three environments is associated to the idea of travelling through space. The London underground seemed like an ideal location. The paintings depict trains warping and underground walkthroughs bending like spaghetti in a pan of hot water.

Have you ever made a decision in life where you used your instincts and went in the direction you thought was best? Thinking back later, you then wonder what would life be like if you had chose the other path. I had to make the decision to do art or graphic design at University? I chose art because it is my true passion, but I now realise that if I had chose graphics, I would almost certainly have a well paid job by now.
In a universe that has been described as having more than the original four dimensions, could it be possible there is another version of me carrying out life in the graphic design world? This alternative world is a separate reality that works in conjunction with ours. This is the Parallel Universe Theory I have developed through my art work. The paintings depict both worlds, simultaneously working together. Where ever there is a cross road in the network of life, one version of me goes one way and the other version goes the other way.

University of Wales Institute Cardiff
• B.A. Fine Art Degree (hons)

Weston College
Governor’s Prize for Outstanding Achievement in the Creative Arts. 1999
Harry Walker RWA Memorial Young Artist Prize 2002

Group Exhibitions

Euro Art Studios 30 September – 11th October 2003 Urban Entrapment, Artists Ruth Hawkins and Lloyd Gill have collaborated together through the concepts of urban pressure
and the confinements of space.
Unit 22f 784/788 High Road Tottenham London N17 0DA

The Cheltenham group of Artists Open Exhibition 03 Pittville Gallery University of Gloucestershire, Albert Road, Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL52 3JG 2003

Crescent Arts The Crescent, Scarborough, North Yorkshire Yo11 2PW

Blue Wing Gallery Bircan Kanet and Steve Harper216 Sandycombe Road, Surrey TW9 2EQ 2003

Bath Society of Artists 97th Annual Exhibition Victoria Art Gallery Bath August 10 – Sept 15 2002

Royal West of England 150th Autumn exhibition
Park Street, Bristol October 20th –December 5th 2002

Lloyd Gill

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