Luis Iván García

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Artist statement:

I developed my interest in photography in the early eighties. During the seventies my father used to abuse me and the only way I found of forgetting the horrible experience was to spend most of the day locked up in my granfather's darkroom. He used to be a pro photographer as well and was killed in Chinatown in Bankgok while he was making a reportage about childs prostitution.
In the darkroom I found the kind of environment that I was looking for. Dark, cold, smelly nights follow one to the other. I developed all twenty thousand of my grandad's negs in less than eight years and five years ago I decided to come back to the light and become a professional photographer. I have been shooting weddings since then and with the money I have bought a video camera sony to tape my dog "Sonny". These photos are part of a body of work I did in Vietnam when I went there to see my brother (he is in prison there because some son of a b**** put a couple of kilos of heroine in his bag when he was leaving Hanoy).


Luis Iván García

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