Mahani Baharum

University of Brighton : BSc (Hons) Product Design (2:1)

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Foonticky ::
A combination cutlery comprising a Fork + spOON + chopsTICKs.

KapiKa ::

In many 3rd world countries, less fortunate families are forced to travel dangerously on motorcycles. Very often seen are 2 or 3 children sandwiched by thier parents on busy roads. KapiKa is a body attachment designed to provide extra seating, some storage space and protection from the sun and rain without having to buy a car. KapiKa is designed to be a safer alternative for family travel.

Kitz'y ::

A collection of snowglobes by German company, Koziol ( I designed the backdrop for this product which was then matched with existing figurines while on placement at the company.

Rudolph ::

Rudolph the moose or elch in german is part of the Koziol Christmas collection as a keychain and Christmas tree ornament. Also designed while on placement.

WonderBRoom ::

An integrated sweeping tool which comprises a dustpan and a broom. Makes sweeping easier as only one hand is required to sweep, scoop dust and carry.

Z-table ::

This table was designed for a small private mosque in Malaysia. The client conducts religious classes and needed table for people to read and write on while sitting on the floor.

me-in3D ::

A 3D model of the designer. Modelled in Rhinocerous and rendered in Cinema 4D.

Artist Statement:

I have always wanted to be to be a designer. But what designer, I wasn’t sure. So, when I heard about the course Product/Industrial Design, it immediately felt like the perfect course for me as it involves both technicality and creativity.

I tend to explore colours and shapes in my designs as well as integrating eastern and western elements. I believe that products should be designed to enrich lives, to help facilitate in daily activities and to improve the quality of life - physically, mentally and emotionally. I consider my style as fun and playful but at the same time functional.

I am multi-disciplinary designer. Currently my freelance work include: Products, Websites, Graphics and a little bit of Fashion Design (bags, T-shirts). I am hoping that a job in the industry will give me a chance to explore the more technologically demanding side of Product Design and develop more sophisticated products.


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