Mandip Sagar

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Mandip Sagar

Artist Statement

I am an artist working in various media, mostly creating paintings and installations, based in Chatham Kent.

I have recently launched a website containing work from 1990 to date, much of which can be purchased at under £300.00.

I am 36 year of age, married with two children and a mortgage. I've been painting and creating sculptures in various media from the age of 18. Most of the early works were given away as presents or sold at minimal cost. Recently I've had to good fortune to access of the expertise of my good friend Martin, and this has allowed me to publish my work on-line. And hopefully reach a wider audience.

I draw my inspiration from my direct physical, emotional, and spiritual environment. And my artworks are an attempt to externalise my thoughts, with a view to provide a deeper understanding for my self and hopefully my audience. I am a believer of the Hindu tenants of Karma and Reincarnation though not an orthodox Hindu. I paint spiritual as well as secular works, inevitably the two overlap on occasion.

Further details can be found on my website

Image Title Description
P0002269.JPG Meditation on the Nature of Greatness. 40cm x 40 cm acrylic on canvas. “The Aum symbolises the tone of the universal resonance in the Hindu faith – or put another way; it is the sound of creation. There paintings are ectoplasmic in that the power prayer or meditative contemplation is the major inspirational driver and I feel that each of my Aum paintings are charged with that spiritual energy."

P0002273.JPG Aghora No:13.6 - 2006 This picture represents the latest incarnation of the Trance Series of works. The key to my free-hand works is the restraint that is required, or put another way; knowing exactly when to stop.
The Trance series paintings which are meditative works created under invocation of Shiva , as 'Natraja' - the Lord of the Cosmic Dance - this is the dynamic behind these sometimes quite diminutive works - usually fuelled by an array of substances but within the Aghora doctrine parameters - titles are not always forthcoming but the meditative quality remains

P0002345.JPG Love Bird No. 8 - 2006 Water colour and ink on A3 paper.

P0002275.JPG Red-Headed Woman Smoking a Fag Whilst Wearing a Startled Phoenix for a Hat- 21/11/1994 41cm x 51.5cm acrylic on canvas
The title is descriptive enough for me not to have to delve into the subject matter further.
I would just like to add that my primary influences at this time were Opium and LSD.

P0002251.JPG Rochester Castle and Cathedral - 1994 A critique of mans' endeavours towards greatness.

060628-006S.JPG Taxidermikal Butchery - 2006 Work in progress, I have yet to stuff, the stuffed wolf and leopard into my granddad's travelling box.

P0002274.JPG Stash - April 1994 61cm x 60cm acrylic on plywood(warped plywood)
This picture was painted on the night before I left for a 6 month visit to India with a cousin of mine.
The plan was to hike up the Manikaran Valley in Himachal to the isolated settlement of Malana and score a kilo of the best Hash in the world 'Malana Creme'.You start the hike from Kasol but we got stuck there for three moths then went to Manali for the next three. Never did get to Malana, anyhows the night before leaving I had an excess of weed and it got 'stashed' in the tower of this painting - it was wrapped in plastic and the paint made an excellent air lock - knocked me sideways when I got back ...




Mandip Sagar


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