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My love for oil painting goes back to my childhood and my real training has been a constant personal observation and study of the work of the old Masters such as Rembrandt, Goya, Velasquez.
Amongst the more contemporary artists I like in particular Francis Bacon and Marlene Dumas.

My work is mainly painterly and expressive often using the human figure and movement to translate the variations of my mind and passions. I like to feel free with the subjects I want to express and always seek to break any restrictive boundaries. I treat each painting as unique and want it to be able to exist on its own.
If a link appears between several paintings it is only the manifestation of a strong desire bursting out like a recurrent obsession...
Lately I have also tried to incorporate some spiritual elements in my paintings that reflect the different changes taking place on a personal level.

A lot of my work is also inspired by women as they reflect a part of who I am. I find the female energy very powerful with its manifold possibilities. I may place the female figure in the center of a spiritual expression as a visionary woman or I may portray her in her most fragile and vulnerable moments. I work from still life drawings using models with whom I feel strongly connected and inspired, I take references from my own photos which are another important aspect of my artistic expression or I unlock the power of imagination to allow ghosts to reveal themselves.
I hope that the work produced will speak for itself, and that the viewer will be able to respond to it in his/her own personal way.
Another important aspect of my work is trying to capture the essence of movement, sometimes with a direct link by painting about dance (such as flamenco), at other times expressing the movement of internal feelings.