Mark Hammill BSc(hons)

Swansea Institute of Higher Education, Product Design

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Artist’s statement:

Vigil Vehicle Surveillance - Major Project (Image 1 & 2)
The Vigil Surveillance System has been developed to remedy various lorry vision and security problems, while increasing driver safety. Due to the size of lorry trailers it is impossible to view the road behind the vehicle using current mirror technology. This causes a hazard while driving and also makes access to the rear of the trailer hard to detect. To solve this, the Vigil system uses a night vision camera to monitor the rear blind spot and the trailer doors. This information is recorded and simultaneously relayed to the driver using a display that is mounted onto the cabs mirror arm. The display uses an lcd screen mounted in a portrait orientation to give a wide view from the rear doors to the horizon. To allow easy operation and increased security the display facia can be removed which in turn arms the surveillance system. Further information is also gathered and recorded from magnetic and motion sensors as well as a live audio feed from inside the trailer.

Bloom - Lighting Design Project (Image 3 & 4)
The Bloom ceiling light provides the right mood for all occasions. At the touch of a remote button, it can change from an up light to a spot light and anything in between. The remote also includes a dimmer control and illuminates itself when the ceiling light is turned off, to make it easy to find. Bloom even folds up automatically when off.

Metal Styli – Personal Project (Image 5)
I am currently running my own company called Metal Styli, which produce’s and sells custom styli for Pocket PC’s. So far I have been awarded a loan from the Prince’s Trust and another from Barclays. I am in the process of applying for a KEF grant and will hopefully know the answer soon.

Bluewatch - Security Project (Image 6)
The Bluewatch was my solution to an RSA brief to design a laptop security solution. The Bluetooth enabled watch works as a key to any of the owner’s devices that are with in a 10m radius. This applies to mobile phones, laptops, PDA's, car, home alarms etc.

The watch will vibrate to alert you if you have forgotten your phone or any of your other devices. It will also keep a backup of all your mobile phone, laptop, and PDA contacts.

Skil Drill - Power Tool Design Project (Image 7 & 8)
The aim of this project was to produce the next power tool for the Skil range. The drill I designed, uses the same internals as the current model, but re-aligns them in order to place the handles closer to the drilling axis. The main handle is in line with the chuck allowing you to drill more accurately while requiring less force. The side handle is also bought closer to the drilling axis by using a right angled clamping mechanism. Other features include: a laser depth guide, a rubber chuck stop to protect the work surface, a sapphire bulb to illuminate work surface, a magnetic plate to store screws, and a high contrast spirit level.

KP Peanut - Packaging Design Project (Image 9)
This new Party Pack packaging for KP peanuts comes in two bottle sizes, to promote KP nuts as an accompaniment for drinks at home and for parties. The smaller size bottle restricts the flow of nuts to an average of eight per pour, allowing the consumer to pour the nuts into their mouth without getting their hands dirty. The larger size bottle allows a free flow of nuts, suitable for the KP nut dispenser.

Mobycom - PDA Design Project (Image 10)
The Mobycom was my solution to an RSA brief to design the first Sony PDA. The Sony Mobycom includes an optical eye for navigation to replace the standard joy pad, a swivel screen, a touch screen LCD input panel, and an mp3 remote with built in stylus, among many other features.


Mark Hammill BSc(hons)

Swansea Institute of Higher Education, Product Design

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