Mark Hazell

University of Hertfordshire, BA (hons) Product Design

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good morning 1.jpg
good morning 1


good mornin 2.jpg
good mornin 2


mp3 hand unit and headset.jpg
mp3 hand unit and headset


mp3 hand unit detail.jpg
mp3 hand unit detail


storyboard illustration.jpg
storyboard illustration




Artists statement:

I am a Product Design BA (hons) graduate, grade 2:1. I have a fine eye for detail and style, and take great interest in design with real clarity and efficiency. I am very interested in clean lines and fluid forms in design. Simple curves and shapes have a purity that I find aesthetically very pleasing when used to good effect. I find use of materials, honesty to materials, and distinct simplicity very intriguing. I draw inspiration from many areas, including nature, simple ergonomic research, and car design.

MP3 hand unit and headset – ‘MUSIKK’ has been designed for users who wish to experience a new way of enjoying audio while keeping in contact with the outside world. The technology suggests that the user group would be young
professionals who have enough money to purchase leading edge products. The product consists of two parts that communicate without wires, a large digital memory hand unit and a headset with flat-panel speakers.

MP3 hand unit detail – The subtly detailed cast aluminium buttons have small recessed symbols that clearly define their functions. The unit is designed ergonomically to fit comfortably in both hands and in the pocket.

Good morning 1 – RSA competition entry ‘future homes’. This design both wakes up users in a more natural way and helps to ease the morning grind by automating household devices. Thick black liquid lowers from the top of the
sphere and slowly reveals a bright white L.E.D. at its centre that represents the suns light. The process is similar to the rising of the sun in the morning. As this happens, pre-programmed events take place at set times, for example a kettle switching on or the shower being set.

Good morning 2 – Shown is one of the keys that corresponds to a household device. The on and off times for the household device are programmed into the key which is then plugged into the base. The household device is ctivated at the set time and the key lights up to signify this.

Storyboard illustration – This piece demonstrates an ability to illustrate ideas and present them with suitable graphics.

Mark Hazell

University of Hertfordshire, BA (hons) Product Design

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