Mathew Dixon

BA Hons Product Design

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MicroStudio Demonstration Film3b.mpg
MicroStudio Demonstration Film3b.mpg


MD open perspective


MD 3Ddevelopment model1


MD 3Ddevelopment model2


MD Prototype bearing Runne


MD Prototype sprungcharg




MD Studio Postcard1


MD Studio Postcard2


MD WorkRange and no the


MD Initial Ideas




Artist’s statement:

Boarders – In design, I don’t believe in them. Of course demand, desirability, and budgets all play a part, but not creative restriction. It’s not about the next feasible step, but pushing to develop the most dynamic, most functional piece of work you can possibly think of. Now you can step back.

Risk is not the definitive factor in design; I believe to make any new ground, it’s the high risk ideas that get us there, and with the most fun along the way. Failure can be devastating but not as difficult to deal with as, “What If..?”

If there is a need; a design will succeed regardless...given the chance. And if its not successful then it’s always another stepping stone to getting there.

The product featured above was originally developed as a Design for Need; an individual piece that’s main principle was to give young professionals the opportunity of spacious living within a compromised environment. It was inspired by the Microflat scheme - which was much publicised at the time - and was developed to work as a ‘plug-in’ for that concept.

The modular form opens out to occupy an existing space and was originally designed as a home office or utility room. It was later personalised for musicians, not only because of my own interest but as I believe they are among the least catered-for people with the need for the most space at home. It also gave me the chance to explore the characteristics of a recording booth and incorporate them into the design.

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Mathew Dixon

BA Hons Product Design

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