Matt Held

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yesterday he was having breakfast.jpg
yesterday he was having breakfast






Cuz' I Love Him.jpg
Cuz' I Love Him






Ouch...My Neck.jpg
Ouch...My Neck


Portrait of Judy.jpg
Portrait of Judy






Artist Statement

Matt Held studied fine art at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design for four years before moving to the northwest. His work spans 15 years of examining the human form and condition. A descendant of German WWII survivors, Held's family is riddled with hardship, shadowy pasts and fractured spirits. From his history comes the ability to observe loneliness, despair, and the hardship of our human condition. In each piece, the subject's vulnerability is revealed with tenderness, and their frailties with respect.

From the artist:

It's not the easiest thing for me to do—talk about my work. I am an artist that chooses to explore the things people don't like to talk about, and certainly wouldn't want to experience. Employed by day for one of the nation’s largest medical research hospitals, I see every corner of the building; trauma, ER, STD clinics, burn units and the morgue. Constant streams of imagery between patients and doctors in critical, life-altering moments feed my work. They are contretemps, melancholy, anxious images that must be realized.

Natt Held

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