Matthew Robinson

Fine art : The Univercity of Central England in Birmigham

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Artist statement:

My Art work is multi faceted created out of the spirit of play. The artistic language is far removed from the ordinary and everyday.

The work is created from playing with a unique visual language that mixes a wide range of imagery and ideas from both high art and popular culture. The resultant clashes of cultures are articulated through highly colourful, playful, weird and wonderful forms.

Although mostly made from everyday materials, the end result tends towards other - worldliness.

Some of these elements are created through prior planning; others follow an intuitive path, formed through improvisation and spontaneity. For instance, passive cloud like shapes are interjected with aggressive architectural forms that weave in and out of each other. The viewer is given space to reach his / her own conclusion, though there are subtle

guidelines: Is this a piece of advertising? Is it contemporary art? Or is it both? In particular the clouds could be looking like they are covering over some kind of machine or a space craft.

The spontaneous elements thrive on being created purely for a celebration of a visual impact.

The work references cartoons: for example The Ren and Stimpy Show and Japanese animation like Akira which are both mainstream and subversive. Recognisable elements and iconographic motifs from the cartoons are incorporated and fused with sculptural shapes that allude to the works of modernist sculptures. Other references are retro architecture and sci fi comics and films. The language I use is accessible and engaging. The viewer is drawn in through simple bright colours played off complex detailed structures; trying to trace some systematic development. But they find themselves in a world that only cares for aesthetical and stylistic concerns.

The work sometimes bears absurd, offensive and rude traits. It challenges notions of anything alien or disgusting, such as bodily organs. However the pervading tone of my practice is optimistic: celebrating spontaneous creativity.

I feel my art work relates to other artists that use a very ecletic evolving visual language that concern exploring abstraction, an cartoonism and combining it with an understanding of contemporary materials.


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