Michael West

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Michael West

Artist Statement

Lately i've been wondering about the structure or otherwise of our identities, e.g. how it is that our minds
seem to be able to represent and entertain 'paradoxical' situations that could be difficult or impossible
to represent in matter.

One example of this can be found in basic arithmetic, where 1+1=2, 2+2=4, and yet 1x1=1, 2x2=4.

But it seems to me that a certain level of impossibility is paradoxically essential for the creation of movement.

I find it no accident that natural numbers become infinite processes when they leave the abstract arena of pure mathematics.

So i've started to see the universe as a constantly changing designer's sketch of a universe - a work in progress
where alterations to the design immediately effect changes in its product. The measurer and measured
necessarily need to be linked to some extent, whilst also retaining some level of autonomy.

I personally see this as just an extension of evolution , not as a god proof. We may literally be creating and
discovering ourselves.



Michael West


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